Mechanical Watch Service

機械手錶保養服務 (Mechanical Watch Maintenance)


We offer watch maintenance service to our customers, please feel free to bring your watch to us for inspection. All servicing will be in charged by our professional watchmaker who has decades experiences on watch servicing.


  • 通用三針 (時、分、秒) 機芯 (ETA2824-2, ETA2892A2等) 抹抽:HKD 500起*
  • 通用計時機芯 (ETA7750等) 抹油:HKD 1,000起*
  • 自製三針 (時、分、秒) 機芯 (Rolex Calibre 3135等) 抹抽:HKD 1,000起*
  • 自製計時機芯 (Rolex Calibre 4130等) 抹油:HKD 1,800起*

Approximate price list:

  • Standard 3-hand (hour, min, sec hands) movement (ETA2824-2, ETA2892A2 etc) service: HKD 500 +*
  • Standard chronograph movement (ETA7750 etc) service: HKD 1,000 +*
  • In-house 3-hand (hour, min, sec hands) movement (Rolex Calibre 3135 etc) service: HKD 1,000 +*
  • In-house chronograph movement (Rolex Calibre 4130 etc) service: HKD 1,800 +*


*Extra charges for parts replacement, we will estimate and confirm the customers if parts replacement is necessary.


手錶維修需知 (Notes on Watch Service)

  1. 為手錶抹油均需對手錶機芯進行拆解,而每一次對機芯的拆解均會造成損耗。另外,在打開手錶底蓋的同時,由於需要儀器輔助,有機會對底蓋造成花痕
  2. 如顧客之手錶機芯含有塑膠部件,我們的師傅不會對其進行維修
  3. 如手錶機芯損壞至完全無法運作,除非顧客能提供另一同款機芯,否則我們的師傅不會對其進行維修


  1. It is necessary to disassemble the watch movement for each service, wear and tear will be made each time the watch movement is disassembled. Besides, some scratches may be made at the caseback during opening it using auxiliary tools.
  2. Our watchmakers will not service the watch that containing plastic parts.
  3. If the watch movement is total damaged (all functions are not working), our watchmakers will not service unless another movement for replacement is provided.



Bi-timepieces reserves the rights of final interpretation for the mechanical watch maintenance service.